A downloadable gaem for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Controls in pc:

WASD or arrow keys to move.

1 and 2 to turn (O and P in 0.6).

Spacebar to quick reset.

No tips allowed, games must be always good even if there's not a tip involved.

Game in Spanish, playable with 0 knowledge of the language

Get Good.

Install instructions

Extract ivt.rar and open the "ivt" file. To close the game you must use alt + f4. On android just install the apk or download it from google play.

Extrae ivt.rar y abre el archivo que pone "ivt". Para cerrar es alt+f4 obligado. En android solo instala el apk o bájatelo de la play store (no pude subirlo a la app store porque es carísimo hacer eso)



ivt1.3(móvil).apk 30 MB
ivt1.2(móvil).apk 30 MB
ivt1.1(pc).rar 20 MB
ivt1.1(movil).apk 30 MB
ivt1.0.1(movil).apk 30 MB

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